Below are lists of commonly asked Employer questions about HORIZON HOTEL JOBS’s services.


  1. Culture – High integrity, aggressive execution, customer-driven
  2. Specialized in sales and marketing
  3. All Over Indian market coverage
  4. We stay in front of thousands of National Sales & Marketing Professionals in our Network every single week and our network is current/relevant
  5. We give back! We have an ongoing and active Partnership with Top Eomployer companies, where we help the Jobless with their career search and interview skills to get them off the street.

As we are into this business since 10+ years we have recruited more than 1,00,000 candidates and also have more than 1000+ clients to whom we provided recruitment service and supply manpower.

Any Chefs, Managers, Associates, Waiters, Captains, Cooks, Assistants, Commis, Helpers, Housekeeping, accounts, HR, Security, IT, Front Office, Banquets etc  positions in any functional area of the business.

We take pride in our process and use a robust process that results in 1 out of 4 candidates we submit being hired.

It depends on the complexity of the position, the requirements associated with search, and your internal interview process. Typically, searches can be completed in 5-20 days.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS has been a HR, Recruitment, Hospitality, Marketing and B2B Sales specialist since our founding in 2012. Our expertise covers both individual contributor and leadership roles in these areas. Additionally, HORIZON HOTEL JOBS  can provide Chefs, Managers, Associates, Waiters, Captains, Cooks, Assistants, Commis, Helpers, Housekeeping, accounts, HR, Security, IT, Front Office, Banquets etc  positions in all functional areas.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS works in only Hospitality and Food Industry. Like Restaurants, Hotels, Resort, Lounge, Pub, Bars, Cafes, Food Production Units & Companies etc.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS provides recruiting services in all markets across India.

The fees pricing structure is mentioned in the “Pricing” Page.

It depends on the scope of the search project and the requirements of the position(s). Please contact us at 7755 929 113 or via the contact form to speak to a representative about your needs.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS does not provide any guarantee for the employment given to any candidates. The employer must collect all the necessary biodata, cv, resume, KYC, photo id, experience certificates etc. The service will be provided according to the Product has been purchased.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS utilizes an extensive list of recruiting techniques to identify and recruit prospective candidates. These techniques can include, but not be limited to, researching competitors or industry-related players, business social networks, searching proprietary databases of Hospitality professionals, reaching out to our internal candidate network.

Our search process includes steps that incorporate both active and passive candidates on every search. For specific targeted competitor searches, we use dedicated resources who specialize in attracting these highly valuable candidates.

It depends on the requirements of the search. Many of our clients choose to use a broader search than direct competitors to cast a wider net for the best talent available, knowing they can train on the technical knowledge of their products and services. However, if the requirements demand a direct competitor strategy, then HORIZON HOTEL JOBS certainly supports it and is a part of our daily recruiting approach.

Based on our expertise and focus on Hospitality industry hiring for over a decade, HORIZON HOTEL JOBS  can provide to its clients guidance on competitive compensation plans.

Below is a list of commonly asked Job Seeker questions about HORIZON HOTEL JOBS ’s services.

Job Seekers

Yes. HORIZON HOTEL JOBS offers a variety of tools to help you in your job search, including:

However, HORIZON HOTEL JOBS does not directly present candidates to employers unless that employer is an active client with a job opportunity that matches your skill.

No, its totally free for Job seekers.

HORIZON HOTEL JOBS fees are paid by our employer clients in the event you are hired. HORIZON HOTEL JOBS does offer Premium Career Services that are available to you, but those services are completely optional.

Visit our “Find Jobs” and view our current open positions. After reviewing the requirements, if your skills meet the specific requirements for one or more positions, please click “Apply for this Job” and complete all fields on the application.

Yes. Each position has a dedicated Client / Employer / Recruiter assigned to it. When you apply to a position, the Client / Employer / Recruiter is notified of your interest and will follow up with you in the event your skills match the requirements of the position.


While our recruiters review your information, we recommend the following next steps:

  1. Review our “Find Jobs” for other positions. Apply directly for any other positions that match your background.
  2. Join or update your Profile. Today, companies and recruiters rely heavily to find qualified candidates like you.

Due to the volume of applicants that HORIZON HOTEL JOBS receives for our positions, we appreciate your patience while our recruiters review your background. You will be contacted if there is a fundamental match with an active open position. If you have not been contacted within 48 hours and you feel strongly about your candidacy and ability to meet the requirements outlined, call us at 7755 929113 between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm IST.

  • We recommend applying online for Career Opportunities that are a match for your skills.
  • If no position meets your objectives, Submit Resumedirectly to us and we will put it in our database which is searchable by recruiters when future positions arise.

In the event you are presented to one of our clients for an open position, HORIZON HOTEL JOBS will provide feedback on your resume to help emphasize your strengths for a position.